Materials to finer Bobbin Lace and tatting.
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We like to exchange items, but it must be done within 14 days. Patterns swapped not.

We must receive payment before we can send the goods to them.

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other written agreements between you as buyer and Hedens Hørgarn.

Documentation and guidance
If there are product descriptions and manuals for the product, follow
those with delivery from Hedens Hørgarn. For further information or
advice from Hedens Hørgarn side, this a guide. Hedens Hørgarn
warrants that the goods meet the requirements for CE marking.

Delivery and transport
Delivery of goods from Hedens Hørgarn is considered done when the consumer has been
goods supplied. Shipment of goods made by Post Denmark.

Delivery time 2-7 days. Items in restodre after sent
The risk of the goods
The risk of goods purchased in Hedens Hørgarn is transferred to you as a consumer at
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upon request, show how the error manifests itself. If you find
an error, you must quickly contact the Hedens Hørgarn. You may as
basically only complaint about defects that become apparent within one year after you have
received the goods delivered. For products with limited shelf life, your remedy
bounded by the shelf-life, Hedens Hørgarn has promised you.

Price and payment
In this store you can order your goods online and pay via:
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14 days after the day you received your goods. You are obliged to return
the item in the same condition and quantity as it is received. You must
bear the costs associated with returning the product.
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